The singers

Angelo Corno

After completing a rich course of study in humanities, Angelo Corno achieved his magisterium in Gregorian chant at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music of Milan in 1990, under the guidance of Luigi Agustoni and Fulvio Rampi. 

He has been part of the ensemble "I Cantori Gregoriani" since 1985, the year the group was established, practicing an intense concert activity in Italy and abroad. 

He taught at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Milan and at the Conservatory "G. Verdi" in Turin as an adjunct teacher. Moreover, he partecipated as an instructor in the Gregorian chant courses organized by the ensemble Cantori Gregoriani in Milan, Cremona, Rovigo from 1995 to 2004. 

He has numerous collaborations with journals of Gregorian chant and choral singing such as Gregorian Studies, Gregorian Notes, la Cartellina, Choraliter, FarCoro and, recently, with the online magazine He is co-author of the Gregorian chant manual "Alla scuola di canto gregoriano" published by Musidora in 2015. 

Since 2015, he has regularly been holding summer and annual Gregorian chant courses, promoted and organized first by Accademia Corale Teleion and later by AERCO, at the Conservatory "L. Campiani" of Mantova and subsequently online. 

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the publication of the Graduale Triplex, in March 2019 he was invited by AISCGre to deliver a report on the role of Semitic rhetoric in the Gregorian repertoire during the course of the Assisi Conference. 

In January 2020 he held the winter course of Gregorian semiology in Cremona on behalf of AISCGre.

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